Terms and conditions

1 Introduction

1.1 The operation of the Fellow Rider ride sharing platform (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”) accessible on the website rider.tech or in the form of a mobile application is handled by RIDER Mobility, UAB (hereinafter referred to as “RIDER MOBILITY”).

1.2 These terms and conditions have the purpose of governing access to and the terms of use of the Platform. Please read them carefully. You understand and recognize that RIDER MOBILITY is not party to any agreement, contract or contractual relations, of any nature, entered into between the Members of the Platform.

2 Membership

2.1 Access to the use of the services offered by RIDER MOBILITY requires a registered membership of the Platform. The Platform may be used by individuals aged 18 or over. Registration on the platform by a minor is strictly prohibited. In accessing, using or registering on the Platform, you represent and warrant that you are aged 18 or over.

2.2 A registered member who creates an advert for ridesharing is hereby named “Driver”. A registered member, who makes use of an advert for ridesharing is hereby named “Rider”.

2.3 The membership of Platform is established and is valid by:

  • a) The user’s acceptance of the terms and conditions set by RIDER MOBILITY;
  • b) The user’s correct input of user information (name, address, phone number and e-mail address) in Platform’s user profile, or by creating an account using Google profile or Facebook profile. A user can at any time make changes to- or delete their user information using the Platform mobile application. By deleting all user information the membership will automatically be considered as ceased.

2.4 RIDER MOBILITY reserves the right to refuse or terminate any membership without consent. A user can at any given time terminate their membership without consent using Platform mobile application.

2.5 By signing up, the user will be registered to receive Platform related information such as newsletter, which will be sent to the email address associated with the user's account.

3 Services

3.1 The users of Platform solely acquire access to- and usage of Platform’s database. The Platform contains and permits access to the required information needed to make it possible for Riders to establish the necessary contact to Drivers, who advertise a ridesharing opportunity, with the expressed purpose of making an agreement on private ridesharing.

3.2 Use of Platform is provided with RIDER MOBILITY permission, and RIDER MOBILITY may revoke such permission at any time, for any reason, in RIDER MOBILITY’s sole discretion.

4 Marketing

4.1 Direct, indirect, or any other type of unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional messages, spam, or any other form of solicitation from users through the Platform will under no circumstances be allowed.

4.2 Any action contrary to 4.1 will be seen as a substantial violation on the agreement between RIDER MOBILITY and the user. RIDER MOBILITY reserves the right to remove any content, as well as the right to take further legal action in case of violation of 4.1.

5 User Obligations

5.1 The user confirms that any stated data is correct, and that the submission of such to Platform does not, at any time, conflict with the current legislation or infringe on third party rights.

5.2 The user confirms that he or she, through use of Platform, will not upload, store, transmit, display, copy, distribute, promote, make available or otherwise communicate to the public:

  • a) any content that is offensive, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, racist, sexually explicit, ethnically or culturally offensive, indecent, that promotes violence, terrorism, or illegal acts, incites hatred on grounds of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, or is otherwise objectionable in RIDER MOBILITY’s sole and reasonable discretion;
  • b) any information, content or other material that violates, plagiarizes, misappropriates or infringes the rights of third parties including, without limitation, copyright, trademark rights, rights of privacy or publicity, confidential information or any other rights;
  • c) any content that violates, breaches or is contrary to any law, rule, regulation, court order or is otherwise is illegal or unlawful in RIDER MOBILITY’s sole and reasonable opinion;
  • d) any material of any kind that contains any virus, Trojan horse, spyware, adware, malware, bot, time bomb, worm, or other harmful or malicious component, which will or might overburden, impair or disrupt the Platform or servers or networks forming part of, or connected to, the Platform, or which does or might restrict or inhibit any other user's use and enjoyment of the Platform.

5.3 The user confirms that he or she will not make any use of private data available on the Platform, other than to provide contact directly related to Platform’s arrangement of ridesharing services. Aforementioned misuse of private data primarily refers to misuse of e-mail-addresses, private phone numbers, postal addresses, other user’s names and surnames, which the user may have come in possession of through use of the Platform.

5.4 The user confirms that he or she will use the Platform in accordance with the written guidelines in these terms and conditions. RIDER MOBILITY reserves the right to analyze the user’s correspondences with other users in case of any suspicion of misuse. Furthermore, RIDER MOBILITY reserves the right to terminate the membership of the latter in case of any misuse of the platform. RIDER MOBILITY reserves the right to take court action and/or report offending users to the relevant authorities.

5.5 Drivers can only post an advert on the Platform in the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • a) Driver has a valid driving license with minimum 2 years of driving experience;
  • b) Driver owns a vehicle or uses a vehicle with the express permission of the owner;
  • c) Driver is the main driver of the vehicle subject to the advert;
  • d) number of seats on the advert corresponds to the number of seats available in the vehicle.

6 RIDER MOBILITY’s Exemption of Liability

6.1 RIDER MOBILITY has the sole purpose of being an intermediary that provides a communication platform and RIDER MOBILITY claims no further liability. Consequently, any usage of the Platform for ridesharing will be of the user’s liability. RIDER MOBILITY cannot be held financially liable for any damages occurring in connection with ridesharing. Likewise, RIDER MOBILITY can under no circumstances be held financially liable for unsuccessful and/or partially unsuccessful rideshares.

6.2 The user is in agreement with and accepts, that RIDER MOBILITY cannot be held liable for other users’ usage or disclosure of information on the Platform. Planning, execution of- and the liability of a rideshare solely depends on the Driver and the Rider and will in no case be under the concern of RIDER MOBILITY.

6.3 RIDER MOBILITY cannot be held liable for the service’s availability, errors or by reduction and/or absence of the functionality of the service, including virus, technical errors and/or outage.

6.4 RIDER MOBILITY cannot be held liable for financial losses or any consequential loss, including reduced income or loss of data and information.

6.5 RIDER MOBILITY cannot be held liable for the content on the Platform website or mobile applications, including specific text, information or links entered by users in free text spaces.

7 Data-protection

7.1 By submission of their information in regards to name, address, phone number, e-mail-address and routine-information, the user understands and consents that all such information, as a necessary consequence of Platform concept, can be accessible to anyone using the Platform.

7.2 RIDER MOBILITY will, as far as possible, meet the required arrangements to make sure that the user’s stated information is not accessible to other users to any further extent than necessary, in relation to RIDER MOBILITY’s concept in connection with ridesharing. The user consents, that their user-information can be used for internal, statistical and anonymous evaluation purposes.

7.3 Rides and ride adverts created on the Platform will be possible to find through search engines such as Google or other 3rd party services and therefore visible to both Platform members and non-members.

7.4 Users should be aware of RIDER MOBILITY’s general privacy policy. It can be found under https://rider.tech/service/privacy.

8 Intellectual Property

8.1 RIDER MOBILITY is the sole holder of all intellectual property rights relating to the Platform, its content (notably texts, images, designs, logos, videos, sounds, data, graphics) and to the software and databases ensuring their operation.

8.2 RIDER MOBILITY grants you a non-exclusive, personal and non-transferable right to use the Platform, for your personal and private use, on a non-commercial basis and in compliance with the purposes of the Platform.

8.3 You are prohibited from any other use or exploitation of the Platform, and their content, without the prior written permission of RIDER MOBILITY.

8.4 In compliance with the purpose of the Platform, you grant RIDER MOBILITY a non-exclusive license to use the content and data you provide in the context of your use of the Platform. In order to enable RIDER MOBILITY to distribute via the digital network and in accordance with any communication protocol (notably internet and mobile network), and to provide the content of the Platform to the public, you authorize RIDER MOBILITY, for the whole world and throughout the duration of your contractual relations with RIDER MOBILITY, to reproduce, represent, adapt and translate the content and data you provide in the context of your use of the Platform.

9 Alterations of Terms and Conditions

9.1 RIDER MOBILITY reserves the right to make alterations in these terms and conditions.

9.2 The user will be informed in case of alterations in these terms and conditions. Furthermore, any alteration will be visible on the RIDER MOBILITY website.

10 Additional Conditions

10.1 In case one or more of the regulations in these terms and conditions become inoperative or show to be impracticable, the concerned parties are obliged to reach legal arrangements, which as far as possible come to the same- or an equivalent result.

10.2 In case one or more of the regulations in these terms and conditions is inoperative or show to be impracticable, the impracticability or the ineffectiveness will not influence the validity of other conditions.

10.3 Any dispute between RIDER MOBILITY and a user will settled according to the law of Republic of Lithuania.