Urban ride sharing
made easy

Simple, convenient and easy way to share urban rides 

Every time we're stuck in a traffic jam we tend to blame others. However, how many empty seats usually do we have in our car?

By driving alone each of us increases traffic. And each of us can contribute to lower traffic congestion by sharing a ride.

Big changes are made with small steps. Let's share rides with co-workers and friends!

RIDER Mobility is a startup building urban ride sharing platform. RIDER aims to engage urbanites to share rides for different day-to-day mobility scenarios, lowering urban congestion and air pollution from small towns to megacities.

News and Events

Meet Fellow Rider
for business!

20 August, Vilnius.

Fellow Rider for business is a platform for people to share daily rides to work and studies.

We are happy to announce that we are launching Fellow Rider for business in Lithuania targeting companies and organizations.

20 Aug 2020. Launching Fellow Rider for business, a platform for employees to share rides for commuting

15 Mar 2020. For safety reasons due to COVID-19 pandemic Fellow Rider will operate in limited mode. Only selected closed events will be supported

11 Nov 2019, Vilnius. Launching Fellow Rider for events, a platform for event attendees to connect and ride together to the events

27 Jun 2019, Vilnius. Excited to meet Satjiv Chahil, ex Apple CMO, to share the insights on the future of mobility and shape RIDER strategy

13-14 Jun 2019, Vilnius. Wolfgang's presentation "What comes after the car as we know it?" at INNOVATION DRIFT 2019

21-24 May 2019, Berlin. Gintas presenting RIDER concept for German ecosystem in a Deep Dive Week Berlin program by Startup Lighthouse

21 Feb 2019, Stuttgart. Visiting STARTUP AUTOBAHN, a startup accelerator powered by Plug&Play, EXPO Day

29-30 Nov 2018, Berlin. Presenting RIDER's ambitious vision about the future of mobility at Disrupt Berlin 2018 by TechCrunch

15 Nov 2018, Vilnius. Gintas participates in a panel discussion at The Grand Founder's Day

7 Nov 2018, Vilnius. Žilvinas presenting RIDER Mobility for Korea Finance Association (Seoul)

1-2 Nov 2018, Malta. Going public for the 1st time: three RIDER co-founders Žilvinas, Vaidas and Gintas at Malta Blockchain Summit

5-7 Jun 2018, Stuttgart. Visiting Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo to better understand the current ecosystem