Let's ride to ISM

For ISM students

We invite you to share rides with your classmates and other students to go to university together. This not only saves you time and money, but also helps to reduce traffic congestion and pollution!

Find other students staying near your location, going at times suitable to you and ride together.

Save parking spaces, share the cost of the trip.

Share rides with other students conveniently

Use Fellow Rider app:

Easily find fellow riders

with convenient routes and times

Arrange simply

with automated registration

Save time

by entering regular travel routes just once

Meet easier

by seeing where your fellow passengers are

Start immediately


Download Fellow Rider app



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Join ISM domain

How to join ISM domain?

Open tab "Daily"

Find ISM

Enter access code*

And start ride sharing!

* Find your access code in ISM eLearning platform: elearning.ism.lt

Download Fellow Rider app

App for iPhone and Android mobile phones, in Lithuanian and English.

Stay healthy! Wear a face mask while riding in the car to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection for yourself and your fellow riders, disinfect hands just after the ride. More on COVID-19: www.ism.lt/en/covid-19