of Mobility


with Fast Scaling Business Model

 RIDER is building mobility-as-a-service ecosystem 
 for urban mobility of today and tomorrow 

Ride-hailing service

Higher income for drivers and higher service quality and variety for passengers via unique business model

Mobility platform

Wide range of urban mobility services via Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) open platform

Driverless rides

More comfortable urban life with shared and connected self-driving cars

 Self-driving vehicles will deeply change the auto industry 
 from a personal car ownership to Mobility as a Service 

Evolution of Mobility

The technological shift to self-driving vehicles and change in consumer behavior from owning cars to bidding for rides will transform the urban mobility ecosystem.

Source: Drive Sweden

The Future Smart City

Self-driving vehicles and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will lead to a more comfortable life, reducing travel times and letting us work or be entertained along the way. Fewer cars on the streets, fewer or even zero traffic jams, and parking spaces freed up for parks are just a few of the benefits we’ll get.

This visualization of the city of tomorrow by Drive Sweden shows one vision of the future of urban mobility with driverless connected cars.

Self-Driving Cars Are Coming

Self-Driving Cars Are Coming

Basically all the major auto manufacturers are doing research and development on self-driving cars.

Even drones that carry people have been developed and are already being tested.

The future is not so far away.

 The future belongs to driverless rides. 
 RIDER will contribute bringing future mobility to everyone 

News and Events

TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin

Nov 29-30, Berlin.

Presenting RIDER's ambitious vision for the future of mobility at Disrupt Berlin 2018 by TechCrunch

Nov 23, Frankfurt. Žilvinas participating in an event led by BOSCH, with the focus on new business models driven by blockchain

Nov 15, Vilnius. "I hope ICO hype will not happen again. The market is maturing, and it's for the greater good" says Gintas in a panel discussion at The Grand Founder's Day

Nov 7, Vilnius. Žilvinas presenting RIDER for Korea Finance Association (Seoul) and Crypto Economy Organisation (Vilnius)

Nov 6, Vilnius. Meeting Brian Konradi and T.C. Waugh from Decentra Group (USA) and visiting Blockchain Centre Vilnius together

Nov 1-2, Malta. Going public for the 1st time: three RIDER co-founders Žilvinas, Vaidas and Gintas at Malta Blockchain Summit

Oct 28-29, Zurich. Žilvinas attending CRYPTO SUMMIT 2018, Europe’s premier crypto and blockchain conference

Sep 25, Paris. Gintas came for insights and networking at France Digitale Day 2018

Jun 7, Tel Aviv. Žilvinas at TechCrunch Tel Aviv, researching and listening to insights on mobility tech

Jun 5-7, Stuttgart. Visiting Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo to better understand the current ecosystem

Investment Opportunities

Passionate about self-driving vehicles and blockchain technology, we’re confident that RIDER can deliver many benefits to stakeholders and gain a significant share of the market. Covering both human-driven and driverless rides, the RIDER network will disrupt the ride-hailing industry.

We're raising a seed round to support the development of the project.
For investments opportunities contact info@rider.tech